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Since 2006 Sanitas Healthcare has been working to bring the very best infection control, hygiene and safety products to the general public around the world.


In our initial stage we worked through the Protect brand to sell a range of professional products in to the UK's national health service. In 2011 we refocussed on our professional range, achieving substantial success in the sale of examination gloves. In the UK we are the leader in both quality and price when it comes to the gloves that the NHS uses by the hundreds of thousands each day. For the first time we incorporated an in-house research and design team in to the company, allowing us to make our own breakthroughs in healthcare technology.


ClearPath was developed to bring examination gloves in to the 21st century. By incorporating active biocidal ingredients in to the material of the glove itself we have made a simple protective barrier in to an active means of reducing the spread of infection.


Our company founder saw the potential for a product with ClearPath's properties in the print industry. This led to thew creation of Bioseal, an additive to inks and sealants that imbues printed matter with powerful antimicrobial properties.

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