Bioseal is the only patented technology for use in sealants, varnishes and coatings offerring a Log 4 reduction against harmful pathogens. The implementation of the technology in to current coatings ensures there is little or no significant increase in the cost of production. By removing the requirements of using expensive alternative treatments

you can now use any stock and cost effectively seal it against infection.


Bioseal was originally developed to create products for the medical industry to reduce the risk of colonisation by dangerous pathogens and therefore reduce the rate of infection.




Bioseal opeates a multi-stage approach by destroying microorganisms on contact with the surface of a coated product. Active ingredients contained in the formulation prevent the build up of microbial resistance.

What Is It? How Does It Work?
Technical data available from the Media Centre Are you interested in using Bioseal technology in your company's products? Read more...

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